Do we find it hard to enter into an authentic dialogue with someone? Has a pleasant conversation with someone become an impossibility for us? If yes, why? Read carefully you may find an answer. Dialogue now has emerged as the overarching medium of understanding, and indeed of human existence.[i] Having witnessed the short demonstration presented…

Should beef be banned? From the Myth of Holy Cow

Most Hindus today are guided by a religious concern for cow protection. Therefore an average Indian, rooted in what appears to him as his traditional Hindu religious heritage, carries the load of the misconception that his ancestors, especially the Vedic Aryans, attached great importance to the cow on account of its inherent sacredness. The ‘sacred’ cow has come to be considered a symbol of community identity of the Hindus whose cultural tradition is often imagined as threatened by Muslims, who are thought of as beef eaters. The sanctity of the cow has, therefore, been announced with the flourish of trumpets and has been wrongly traced back to the Vedas, which are supposedly of divine origin and the fountainhead of all knowledge and wisdom. In other words, some sections of Indian society trace the concept of sacred cow to the very period when it was sacrificed and its flesh was eaten.

Revelation in Islam

Islam, at present, is one of the largest religions. The word ‘islam’ describes a relationship between man and God. “This relationship of submission (islam in Arabic) means that God is Lord of man, and man is the servant of God. The servant is dependent upon his Lord, and is obedient to him: and so the man who has accepted this submission, dependence and obedience is called ‘submitted to God’ (muslim).