“Send me, Lord”

 You are blessed, chosen to be a blessing I will send you to souls waiting in darkness To carry the light, the true light, the Christ And be a sign and bearer of my love.   Send me Lord, sealed with your cross        To the field to sow your love        Help me touch…


As I walked in the light of the day, I felt sure of the truth of my way. But as night with its doubts puts me down, I do feel, no more, I have crown. Though with pain, I can say, I know now, Joy and pain, life gives both, can’t say, ‘no.’ Ups and…

Called to spread love

We have a God whose mercy is abound:

We have a God in whose mercy we abide.

He left his palace to take us back home
And spent his life here to make our hearts warm.

Our God is merciful and as we are his children, we are called to be messengers of his mercy to all.